Beat the Beast is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1995 after the death of Stacey Weaver who died of Melanoma at 27 years old. Stacey left behind a husband and 3 year old daughter.  Members of the Beat the Beast Foundation recognize that Stacey was not alone in her battle against Cancer.  We also recognize the financial burdens families face when one is going through cancer treatment. We are passionate in our efforts to support all those who are in this fight against cancer.



Our Mission at Beat the Beast is to raises funds to battle cancer.  We also bring people together to celebrate the victories and to remember the loved ones lost in the fight.  The funds raised are used for research, building awareness, and / or patient care.

Our Mission

Beat the Beast raises funds to battle cancer. We also bring people together to celebrate the victories of survivors and to remember the loved ones lost in the fight. The funds raised are used for research, building awareness and/or patient care.


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